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David was excellent, the best instructor I have had. 15/11/2021

David’s training was really good. I’d say he’s an expert in his field. He put in 110% effort and that was really great!. 15/11/2021

David is very knowledgeable on the subjects we covered, it is clear that he is an expert in the field as there were no questions that he couldn't answer. Not only that, his delivery was very clear and informative, and he kept going at a good pace. At no point was I unsure of the course format or what we were covering next. 15/11/2021

David was very knowledgeable and helpful 22/11/2021

I learned more about Azure security in two days of David’s class that I have learned by myself for an entire year! David really inspired me to learn more on Azure security. I bought his book on security :) 22/11/2021

David was a great instructor. He was able to help us solve any issues with labs quickly and effectively (due to MS out of date instructions) and was able to answer any questions we put to him. His knowledge in this subject is superb. 06/12/2021

Highly Technical and student oriented. Detailed explanation and has good detailed subject knowledge. 06/12/2021