Cloud Security Assessments

About the service


In a bid to cut costs and boost scalability, more and more businesses are shifting their on-premise assets to cloud platforms. However, this has triggered attackers to adjust their strategies and tactics, incorporating social engineering and leveraging misconfigurations to penetrate cloud environments.

To address this, organizations are on the lookout for unbiased, multi-cloud solutions that employ best practices for effective protection, detection, and response in the event of a security breach. The focus is to better assess risks and establish hardening priorities for a more robust cloud cybersecurity strategy.

Our Cloud Security Assessment service helps in reviewing your present security condition and offers advice on how to tighten security for assets on prominent cloud platforms like Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Platform and Alibaba Cloud.

Through this assessment, your organization can gain insights into threats and security measures unique to your particular cloud environment. It aids in reinforcing the environment against targeted threats and enhances your capability to identify, scrutinize, and react to attacker activity throughout the attack lifecycle.


  • Gain an in-depth understanding of threats specific to your cloud architecture
  • Address common cloud architecture misconfigurations that are often exploited
  • Reduce your attack surface from prevalent exploitation strategies
  • Achieve a clear view of top security threats associated with current configurations
  • Boost surveillance, visibility, and detection capabilities in the cloud
  • Highlight and prioritize essential security improvements for your cloud environment

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