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About the training

We conduct two-day interactive workshops aimed at helping your organization to accelerate digital modernization and foster innovation. Get practical experience with the technology you'll employ to upgrade your organization's competencies. These workshops empower your teams with the technical proficiency needed to leverage cloud solutions and adapt to shifting business requirements. We deliver workshops on topics related to data modernization, AI, infrastructure modernization, hybrid cloud, digital and app innovation, security, and business applications. Explore the various workshop options listed below:

Cloud Native Apps

Level 200 - Intermediate

Join us as we help you simplify and accelerate your modernisation journey and build apps with scalability and resilience. Learn about Kubernetes and how to use the Azure Database Migration Service and Azure Cosmos DB. Then, get hands-on as you start on your cloud-native application development journey.

  • Cloud-native apps overview
  • Design session
  • Hands-on lab: Cloud-native apps

DevOps with GitHub

Level 200 - Intermediate

Join us for a deep dive into DevOps concepts and areas you need to consider when approaching a complete, end-to-end tool chain from planning to operation and all the coding, testing, and deployment in between. Learn how Microsoft and GitHub implements DevOps across multiple engineering teams and improves your productivity and developer velocity.

  • Embracing innovation with DevOps presentation
  • Lab introduction and design session
  • Hands-on lab: DevOps with GitHub

Modernise .NET Apps

Level 100 - Foundational

Learn how to evaluate and prioritise your .NET applications, prepare them for migration, and host them on purpose-built Azure managed services such as App Service and SQL DB. We'll show you how to map out your migration strategy and get hands-on with .NET App modernisation.

  • Introduction to application modernisation on Azure
  • Design session
  • Hands-on lab: .NET App modernisation

Modernise Java Apps

Level 200 - Intermediate

Get a comprehensive overview of destinations for Java applications on Azure. Learn how to design solutions that incorporate DevOps tooling and CI/CD, secrets management, virtual networks, authentication and authorisation, monitoring, and autoscaling and get hands-on with Azure Spring Cloud.

  • Overview of Java on Azure
  • Design session
  • Hands-on lab: Azure Spring Cloud

Azure Virtual Desktop

Level 200 - Intermediate

Learn how to design and implement a virtual desktop infrastructure on Azure. Get deployment options, architecture best practices, management plane options, user profiles and data, along with third party tools and licensing considerations. Then, create your first Azure Virtual Desktop architecture and operationalise your virtual desktop infrastructure.

  • Introduction to desktop and app virtualisation
  • Deployment options for Azure Virtual Desktop
  • Design and architecture best practices
  • Hands-on lab: Deploying Azure Virtual Desktop
  • Hands-on lab: Operationalisation of Azure Virtual Desktop

Azure Arc

Level 200 - Intermediate

Learn about the benefits that your organisation gains when adopting Azure Arc. Azure Arc is a bridge that extends the Azure platform so you can build applications and services with the flexibility to run across datacenters, edge, and multicloud environments. Deep dive into migration and modernisation scenarios and tools to help you on your journey to cloud.

  • Real life experience with Azure Arc, with a focus on value, process and tools
  • Learn how to extend Azure services to all resources, incl. cloud, on-prem and multi-cloud; and modernise infrastructure
  • Enable customers to take a historic approach on their IT, app, and data estate and give them the confidence to move forward

Hybrid Cloud Solutions

Level 200-300 - Intermediate-Advanced

Learn how to take a holistic approach to your IT estate and how Azure Hybrid can help you gain central visibility, operations and compliance. Build cloud-native apps anywhere at scale, run Azure services anywhere and modernise your data infrastructure.

  • Azure Hybrid overview
  • Hands-on lab: Getting started with Azure Arc
  • Hands-on lab: Enable GitHub configurations and Azure Policy add-on
  • Hands-on lab: Azure data services anywhere
  • Hands-on lab: Deploy Azure Stack HCI

Infrastructure Modernisation

Level 200-300 - Intermediate-Advanced

Learn how to migrate on-premises infrastructure, such as Windows Servers and Linux Servers to Azure. Learn about the Cloud Adoption Framework and how to design and implement a Landing Zone. Get hands-on and use Azure Migrate to move an application to the cloud.

  • Introduction to Azure Migrate
  • Introduction to the Landing Zone
  • Hands-on lab: Windows/SQL and Linux migration

SAP on the Microsoft Cloud

Level 200 - Intermediate

Organisations of all sizes say they want better real-time insight. Getting there requires bringing together and analysing data across your organisation, within and outside of the SAP systems. This workshop includes demonstrations and examples of best practices, followed by hands-on guided lab experience on how your organisation can harness the power of the Microsoft Cloud for SAP solutions. Participants will dive deep into migration and modernization scenarios and tools (available from Microsoft and Partners) to help them on their journey to cloud. Technologies covered include:

  • SAP on the Microsoft Cloud
  • Azure data services: Analytics, AI and IoT
  • Productivity suite: Microsoft Teams and Office apps
  • App innovation services: Power Platform

Innovate with AI

Level 200 - Intermediate

Whether you're business - or tech-focussed, Azure-driven AI is a real asset. Join us to cover best practices and scenarios, check out the latest demos, and get hands-on with Azure AI. We'll also look at Machine Learning/Azure Synapse and AML, knowledge mining, cognitive services and chatbots.

  • Data Migration overview
  • Using Data Migration tools and frameworks
  • Hands-on lab: Azure SQL Database Managed Instance

Database Modernisation

Level 200 - Intermediate

Join us to explore the value and process of migrating apps and databases to Azure. We'll be using SQL Database, SQL Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS), and other Azure data modernisation services and techniques.

  • Data migration overview
  • Use advanced data-migration tools and frameworks
  • Hands-on lab: Azure SQL Database Managed Instance

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