Network Engineering in the Cloud: Azure Networking Blueprint


🌟 This is a instructor-led weekend only course 🌟

The course will be delivered over two weekends (Nov 18th, 19th, 25th & 26th). Your investment not only gives you access to join an expert-led delivery, but also hands-on lab access in a real Azure environment (that can be accessed after the course). And guess what? Enroll now and receive a FREE Azure Networking book written by the instructor. Reserve your spot and elevate your skills!

This course is designed for those for those interested in developing the cloud network engineering knowledge. It is also a useful resource for those that are looking to be certified as an Azure Network Engineer Associate (AZ-700). You will dive deep into concepts such as hybrid cloud networking, routing, securing, and monitoring networks, as well as implementing private access to Azure services using native Azure capabilities.

Complete with hands-on labs, this course will take you beyond foundational knowledge to having a clear understanding of key design principles and implementation best practices. By the end of this course, you will be fully equipped, ready to architect and deploy highly scalable and performance efficient networks in the Azure cloud.


  • New and experienced IT professionals, looking to develop their cloud network engineering or cloud solutions architect skills.
  • Technical professionals who are preparing to take the Azure Network Engineer certification exam (AZ-700).

Learning Outcomes

After completing this course, students will be able to:

  • Design and Implement Core Networking Infrastructure in Azure
  • Design and Implement Routing and Name Resolutionn in Azure
  • Design, Implement, and Manage Hybrid Networking
  • Secure and Monitor Networks in Azure
  • Design and Implement Private Access to Azure Services



HANDS-ON-LAB INCLUDED: In this module, we will introduce CORE concepts of Azure Networking such as virtual networks, public and private IP addressing, network segmentation using subnets, and routing concepts.

HANDS-ON-LAB INCLUDED: In this module, we will cover the four DNS implementation options for virtual networks in Azure and their use cases - four DNS implementation options - Azure-provided name resolution, Customer-managed DNS servers, Azure DNS private zones, Azure DNS public zones.

HANDS-ON-LAB INCLUDED: In this module, you will learn about Azure routing and you will create custom routes to control the traffic flow. You will also learn to redirect the traffic through network virtual appliances so you can inspect the traffic before it's allowed through. You will also learn how to implement the Azure Route Server - a fully managed service that simplifies dynamic routing between your network virtual appliance (NVA) and Azure virtual network.

HANDS-ON-LAB INCLUDED: In this module, we will cover the design and implementation of cross-VNet connectivity using VNet peering.

HANDS-ON-LAB INCLUDED: The Azure cloud offers a diverse set of options to connect remote users and networks to networks in Azure. In this module, we will cover one of the options - the Azure VPN gateway service which allows us to create a secure connection between remote networks and Azure VNets over the public internet.

HANDS-ON-LAB INCLUDED: In this module, we will explore the implementation of ExpressRoute, another gateway service offered by Azure, as an alternative solution for remote network connectivity. ExpressRoute connections bypass the public internet which means that our traffic takes fewer hops, has fewer points of failure that could cause network disruption.

HANDS-ON-LAB INCLUDED: In this module, we will cover how to design a scalable network architecture in Azure using the VWAN service.

HANDS-ON-LAB INCLUDED: In this module, we will learn about securing the Azure network perimeter and VNet workloads using native capabilities like DDoS protection, Azure Firewall and Azure Firewall Manager.

HANDS-ON-LAB INCLUDED: In this module, we will discuss the four main load balancing services in Azure (Load Balancer, Application Gateway, Front Door, Traffic Manager) and aspects to consider when designing and implementing these services.

HANDS-ON-LAB INCLUDED: When deploying platform services outside of customer-managed virtual networks in Azure, there are three main options available to control network connections to the services (platform service firewall, service endpoint and private endpoint). This module will provide you with a clear understanding of these three options, how to design and implement them.

HANDS-ON-LAB INCLUDED: Network monitoring and diagnostics are essential components in maintaining the smooth functioning and optimal performance of a network infrastructure. In this module, we will cover the tools available in Azure Network Watcher that we can use to monitor and diagnose network services.


This course assumes you have basic Azure administration and security skills.

  • Have a base understanding of Azure and cloud concepts, services, and the Azure Portal. If you need to ramp up you can start with the [Azure Fundamentals]( course which is freely available.
  • Are familiar with PowerShell and/or Azure CLI.

Please note: In order to access the Azure labs for this course you will need to have a Microsoft Outlook account that has/will not be used to associate with any other corporate Azure subscription. You can set up a new Outlook account here

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What do students say about our training experience

"David is simply fantastic! He has a vast knowledge and is an exceptional teacher. I feel incredibly lucky to be a part of his class." - Ethan James
Start date: 10/01/2023
"David has a relaxed speaking style and pace that makes it effortless to understand and follow along. It is evident that he has an extensive knowledge of this topic and many others. He is consistently seeking feedback and checking in to make sure everyone is keeping up with the material." - Anna Marie, Unilever
Start date: 28/01/2023
"I gained a lot of knowledge, delved deeper into technical aspects than I anticipated, and believe that this course was a valuable use of my time. The instructors and TAs are exceptional and made my experience in this course truly positive." - Jackson Reeds
Start date: 26/01/2023
"David had fantastic in depth knowledge of all processes which we're being taught." - Emmy Ade
Start date: 29/01/2023